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Technology Ease

Technology Ease in Current Era


Technology Ease

Getting good education, whether in school or at your own, is the best decision you can make in your life.

Twenty years back when internet, mobile phones and media was not common in our society, people who were thirsted for knowledge they moved to public libraries, book stalls even people lent books from their friends and teachers and quench their thirst.

In those days people couldn’t get answer of required questions at the moment but they have to wait for it until some educated personnel answer their question.

Gradually time passed and people get access to today’s knowledge dams as all of us knows that now we are living in a global village which enable us to reach anyone in the world in couple of seconds by using internet.

Technology evolves and now people have search engines like Google, Wikipedia social media like facetime, Skype, Whatsapp and many more like this, these intangible widgets have made people’s life more colorful, knowledgeable and easy. People search on Google, Wikipedia and other websites and discuss their issues on different public forums and even discuss one on one using Skype and Whatsapp which is impossible in past times.

Now students have a library in their pockets they don’t need to buy a book it’s available on internet free of cost. Time has gone to ask someone “Can you please lend this book to me for a week”, now people just by seeing any informative material in others hand they just says   “Yaarr Whatsapp krna” all this happens due to the advancement of technology.

You need a Title of the book to search it over the internet perhaps it take little bit time in some scenario but you will definitely find it. Now you can even find soft copy of a book which is free of cost at all the time than its hard copy; if you are tourist then soft copy is more viable solution because it’s easy to carry with you, you can copy it in a pin drive, mobile phone or even in your mailing account.

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