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Teaching Methods

teaching methods


Teaching Methods

Teaching methods play an important role for enhancing the learning abilities of students. It includes the point of enhancing the critical thinking and creativity in students. The principle behind using innovative teaching methods is to make students learn. A good teacher recognizes that she has to develop thinking skills in students. She learns effective teaching methodologies and implements them in the classroom.
It is also necessary to acknowledge that not a single method of teaching is enough to teach one subject. For example you help students to comprehend the meaning of a second language with the help of reading text. However, you guide them about using vocabulary through picture description for descriptive writing.
Philosophy of education shows that there is a specific method for teaching each subject. It is important to include more practical and activity based teaching methods in science subjects. However social science subjects include discussion and brain storming through group work. Effective teaching methods not only help the teacher to learn. It also creates a balanced share of teaching and learning in the classroom.
There are different kinds of teaching methodologies including explicit teaching, command style, teaching by task, and Individual progression.

Explicit Teaching

The kind of teaching helps students to use the tools provided by the teacher. The tools help students in understanding the concept better. They are the part of curriculum of teaching and learning.

Command Style

Command style has been very famous in the countries that have not adopted innovative teaching style. However, this style only proved successful in teaching children gaining early childhood education. Other age of students need more critical thinking based teaching.

Teaching by task

Teaching by task is one the task that is the student in student-centered teaching approach. The teacher assigns projects and tasks to conduct activity. It includes a group work and students work together to solve problems.
The dilemma of today’s education system is lack of focus on implementing useful teaching methodologies. Classroom management is also a teaching method. You cannot deliver the lesson in case you are not able to manage the class properly. Students demand continuous attention of their teachers. The children from middle and late childhood especially create problem in maintaining discipline as they expect continuous attention.

Individual progression

It is the part of self motivating teaching. The teacher gives a different task to students in order they can learn by themselves. She assigns the tasks in homework or class work to know the abilities of her students.

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