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Reasons Why Students Leave School Early in Pakistan



Reasons Why Students Leave School Early in Pakistan

10 Reasons Why Students Leave School Early in Pakistan

Annual Status Education Report shows 28 million children out of school in Pakistan. There are many reasons behind lower student’s enrollment in schools. Research shows that there are many of students who leave schools in Pakistan. The Gross Enrollment Rate for primary education is 50 %.

1. Economic Background

Economic background plays a very important role pursing education. There are 29.5% population in Pakistan are living under poverty. This population hardly fulfills the needs of living. It is very difficult for parents to give a good education to their children.

2. Rural Norms and Values

Human growth and development is the right of everyone. Unfortunately, this right is limited for girls in rural areas of Pakistan. Females are not allowed to step out of their homes in many parts of Sindh and Azad Jamu and Kashmir.

3. No Commitment on National Level

There are many countries that are running campaigns education. However, we are not making any efforts on the national level. Government is only spending 2 % GDP on education in Pakistan.

4. Physical accessibility

There are many people living in rural areas of Pakistan who don’t have physical accessibility to resources. These areas specifically include FATA and KPK. The great problem of accessibility increases difficulties for people to get education in Pakistan.

5. Low Parental Participation

Lower parental participation is also one of the reason students leave school in early age. Parents don’t encourage a good participation of students in education. They themselves are illiterate so they cannot guide their children.

6. No accountability of Government

Nobody questions the national and provisional role of elected bodies for education in Pakistan. Lack of accountability in implementing the policies of right to education in Pakistan is one of the causes.

7. Lack of teaching methodologies

A student cannot pay attention in the class until or unless she/he finds it interesting. Primary teachers in Government schools are not equipped with tools to teach students. Students leave schools because no teaching guidance affects the learning abilities and results.

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8. Child Labor

There are many families who send their children to work as child labor. The only option for early learners becomes leaving school and supporting their families. The government has promised to end child labor, but these promises are still unfulfilled.

9. Failure

Failure is one of the reason students lose interest in continuing education in Pakistan. Teachers do not encourage students learning within and out of the class. They do not use proper way to cater this problem.

10. Migration

Poor families migrate from one area to another to earn livelihood. The shorter time does not allow people to admit their children in schools. This is the reason children stay away from the light of education.

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