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Qualities of a Good Teacher



Qualities of a Good Teacher

The scope of educational psychology is very wide. It covers a range of different topics related to problems and solution in teaching and learning process. The Educational research shows that a teacher plays an important role in the life of a student. Qualities of a good teacher impact on the growth and development of students.

Professionally Equipped:

Many developed countries set standards and tests for hiring teachers in schools. However, there are many countries where teachers teach without any good professional knowledge. Teachers use teacher-centered approach to show their authority. However, both teacher centered and student centered approach are necessary in educational setup.

Effective Student Management:

It is teachers’ job to use effective student management strategies for maintaining discipline in the class. She/he can encourage students to perform with positive attitude. She can work on ideas and habits of students about study and class participation. Effective student management is one of the most appreciable qualities of a good teacher.

Teaching with considering philosophy of Education

It is a teacher’s job that must have a good understanding of the philosophy of education. The philosophy of education includes the nature of education. The nature means the purpose and process of education. It helps the teacher to better understand her role as a teacher. She better delivers the knowledge based on the goals.

Encourage slow learners

There is no doubt that a class includes a mixture of students with different learning abilities. Every slower learner finds difficulty in learning. Effective teacher know how to boost the confidence of slow learners. She arranges the activities in order to take both good learners and slow learners together.

Willingness to do multiple jobs

A teacher not teaches a subject or a number of subjects, she also work as a mentor to solve different issues regarding the socioemotional aspect of students. It could be done indirectly with presenting activities and it can also be achieved through face to face discussion with student.

Ability to work as a team with school staff

Ability to work as a team with other staff members and administration staff of school is also teacher’s job. It increase cooperation between staff and they solve educational issues together.

It is very important to determine that there is a difference between teaching for economical gain and teaching to serve. A teacher must teach with a mindset to create a positive change within a society. It is important to remember that School administration play important role in enhancing the qualities of a good teacher.

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