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Pakistani Movie Salute

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Pakistani Movie Salute


Salute is a tribute to martyr Aitzaz Hasan. The film released on 2 December, 2016 with reminding us the sacrifice of brave teenager Aitzaz Hasan. It is an effort to acknowledgment the service of Aitzaz who gave his life at the age of 16 years. He saved 2,000 students at the time when the terrorist tried to attack school.
Shahzad Rafique is the director of the film who beautifully showed the life of Aitzaz Hasan through different aspects. . The scenes of his family life and scheme of terrorism contain each detail.

Lead Role

Ali Mohtesham played the leading role of the hero of the story. Saima Noor and Ajab Gul have played the role of his parents. The director shot the movie in real site for showing the authenticity of movie. The scenes show martyr Aitzaz Hasan’s passion of joining the army and then acting in the same way like an army officer shows his passion to serve the country.


The theme of combating terrorism was as per the real story. The biopic scenes match with the plot of the story. It is an appreciable effort by the cinema that it is highlighting such positive messages by showing true stories of super heroes.

The father of martyr Aitzaz Hassan was present at the release. He gave his message about the movie. He explained that the movie is diction of the bravery of his son and many other serve the country by giving their lives.


The film brings out the memory when he was gave his life. He defeated the enemies through averting the suicide bomb at his school. The movie premiered on 30th of November, 2016 in the cinemas of Lahore. All the leading TV and Cinema actors appreciated the type of production.
The production of his story in a film gives a message that we as a nation do not have to bow in front of terrorism. Each of us can take steps to make this country terrorism free.

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