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New Year celebration in different countries

New Year 2017


New Year celebration in different countries

New Year 2017

New Year is a time of celebration of the new coming year. It is universally celebrated with great joy as people enter into a new month of the year with safety.  They make New Year resolution for the upcoming year and prayer for personal, social, professional, and academic blessings for the next year. In this time people celebrates the arrival of the coming year and says goodbye to the passing year. Different countries follow different traditions of celebrating New Year. Here are the few famous countries that are famous for their charming celebration and events.


People in Canada New Year celebrate with great zeal. Some people organize social gathering on New Year’s Eve. Many people take part in winter sport to welcome the New Year. There are many old traditions that people in Canada follow with a belief that these traditions bring luck and prosperity in life. Everyone greet each other and offer gifts. These gifts are the best way to express love and care for loved once.

New Year

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The entire Australia celebrates New Year by following customs and traditions with great happiness. The start of New Year is display of fireworks. Many people along with their friends and families come from their houses to take part in group celebrations held at hotels, clubs, and beaches. Other holds special parties or barbecues at their own homes. Loud, noisy and colorful are the perfect words to describe Australian New Year celebrations.


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In Germany New Year everyone celebrate with a great spirit of tradition. Celebrations take place on the New Year’s Eve. These celebrations include public concerts, parties and fireworks. Many people arrange lunch or evening meal with friends or family. The Germans drops molten lead in cold water to see what shape does it takes and predicts the future.

Celebration in Germany


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United Kingdom

In UK, people celebrate New Year’s Eve with fireworks and parties. In London, a huge crowd gathers around the Thames to enjoy the fireworks. Another traditional custom is “First Footing”. For this, a tall, handsome male becomes the first visitor of a house after midnight. He has to bring a loaf of bread, a bottle of drinks, some coal and salt with him. He has to put the coal in fire and serve the bread and drink to the family and wish them Happy New Year. The man comes from the front door and after the ritual; he has to exit from the backdoor. He is considered to bring good luck and prosperity in that family. In United Kingdom, everything covers lights including streets to buildings to town and hills. Families organize parties with finest food and drinks.

United Kingdom new years



Italians love festivals and welcome the New Year in Italy with great celebration. As with most Italian festivals, food plays a very important role. Families and friends get together for feasts. The star of the dinner is lentils that are the symbol of good luck and money for the coming year. Traditionally, the dinner includes a cotechino a large spiced sausage with stuffed pig’s trotters. The pork is the symbol of richness of the coming year. Naples city in Italy is famous for having one of the best New Year’s fireworks. Dancing is also very popular and many towns have public music and dancing before the fireworks.

Italy on New year

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In Pakistan, we celebrate New Year culturally, ethnically and religiously among communities. We organize New Year dinners, parties, concerts and musical nights. Beating of the drums, firing round the air, fireworks, lighting oil lamps are the symbols on New Year celebration in urban area.

New Year celebration is a universal festival that brings hope and dreams for future. We all should remember to celebrate each day of the coming year with a positive spirit that produces social and economic development of every nation.



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