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Inspired By Her Academy Launches in Pakistan



Inspired By Her Academy Launches in Pakistan

Inspired By Her Academy known also as IBH Academy has launched its operations in Lahore, Pakistan and is in positive stride to improve the lives of all those Pakistani women who aspire to achieve more and that too, better things in life.

Why we’re doing, what we’re doing?

In order to further the cause of women empowerment in Pakistan, “Inspired By Her” Academy (a non-profit organization) has launched with a mission of igniting the next generation of empowered women leaders and change makers in Pakistan. The organization essentially aims to work towards directing and helping women to seek inspiration from hardworking, successful and now inspiring women in Pakistan as well as those around the world and to became an inspiration themselves. 

The story behind IBH Academy?

“Inspired by Her” is a project born in Afghanistan from a dream of a single enthusiast to “inspire women to became an Inspiration for others”. It’s first edition was tried and tested in Kabul in January 2015 by the world’s largest youth-lead organisation AIESEC, Afghanistan’s chapter. Gathering together 200 girls and the positive feedbacks from all project’s stakeholders the program turned out to be a success which allowed it to continue till today while changing the lives of hundred girls with each of its edition. Now, Inspired By Her re-branded into “Inspired by Her” Academy is an independent international organisation which is gradually expanding further and going global one country at a time, while setting its foot and establishing training grounds, beginning with Lahore, Pakistan. IBH Academy is ready to build the capacity of out of youth in Pakistan, by developing their leadership and entrepreneurship skills, helping them to become economically independent as well as geared towards active service in their community. What makes the project unique is the concept, business model, international platform, mentoring program and the set of opportunities with the academy is providing. “Inspired by Her” Academy activates in partnership with AIESEC, which brings to the delegates the opportunity to benefit from its International Exchange Program – the best way to discover new cultures, break stereotypes and learn the best from each for becoming a better version of ourselves. For Pakistan edition, 2 fully covered exchange opportunities will be provided to the best project delegates. 

What IBH promises to offer?

The program which will serve to work as an academy will teach young girls useful and unique skills set such as in the entrepreneurial sector, which will not only bring about personal and professional development but will enable enrolled girls to apply learnt skills alongside their own ideas, in the practical world.

In the words of the Project Manager, Talha Ahmed, who is the powerhouse behind the execution of IBH Academy Lahore: 

“Inspired by Her is a first of its kind initiative with AIESEC in Lahore where we have taken a step forward to integrate the leadership program that’s currently been implemented Globally with the spirit of entrepreneurship. Team IBH has always taken pride in working in Community development with most of our members working on several projects for more than 2 years now. Inspired by Her Pakistan can collectively take a step forward towards implementing this leadership framework in our community. The Organizing team has been working incredibly hard to make this event not all about the learning but a lot of fun and practical workspace to learn. The agenda is kept crisp with each training day having its own “theme”. We look forward to seeing you guys and provide an amazing experience!”

If you believe that you have the potential to learn as well as lead, along with a passion to exceed, then our final word is that IBH is the way to go. Inspired By Her Pakistan is set to provide numerous benefits to all its women attendees which will aid and prepare them to become the best version of themselves.

Current situation: 

Only recently, in the month of April 2017, registrations were opened in Lahore and the project received an immensely positive response as well as numerous applications from young girls to become a delegate of the first ever cycle of IBH. Interviews were conducted and many enthusiastic applicants showed up, out of which the most capable have also been chosen for the upcoming program.

In order to select the best out of the best and provide them with an opportunity of a life time, IBH Academy Pakistan is set to provide the girls/women of Lahore with another chance to enroll themselves in a program which will enable them to achieve all that mentioned above and more. The Round 2 is now accepting delegate applications, the deadline to apply for is till the 30th of April 2017.

If the world is moving towards empowerment of women, why should we be behind? If not now, when? If not us, who? Inspired By Her is here to answer and take action!

Apply Now and Become a Delegate: 

To find out more about the project, visit: 

FacebookInspired by her Pakistan
Instagram: InspiredbyherPakistan

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