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Hurdles in Rapid Growth of IT Industry in Pakistan



Hurdles in Rapid Growth of IT Industry in Pakistan

Hurdles in Rapid Growth of IT Industry in Pakistan

The enormous impact of IT industry in Pakistan cannot be denied as it is changing the economic condition of the country. However, there is also a negative impact of slow growth of IT industry. Here are the reasons behind hurdles in rapid growth of It industry in Pakistan.


Credit: Carolina University

Poor Internet Speed

Internet is the direct way of communication, marketing, and sales all over the world. Pakistan is economically progressing. However slow internet speed is creating hurdles in this path. There are many companies who have established online business. They need continuous communication with client from other countries. However, slow internet results delay of goods and services. Poor internet speed is causing both a common man and it sector in Pakistan.

Old Infrastructure

It is an evidence based report that technology apparatus are ill-equipped in Pakistan. This is one of the reasons the country is lagging behind. The development of IT Industry in Pakistan depends on new and effective infrastructure. The government is not paying any attention on funding laboratories, paying scientists, and. It is not providing any kind of professional training to technicians and not expanding the absorption capacity of creative system. It proves that government itself is not stepping out for addressing economic issues.

old infrastructure of IT Industry in Pakistan


Old Course Content

Pakistan is already behind from other countries in research and innovation. Universities and research organizations are not paying any interest in conducting market-oriented research for IT growth. The existing Course Content does not match the requirements of today’s world. Even the experts are not following right method of introducing new content related to Information Technology. Old course content needs replacement with new content for growth of IT industry.

High Tax

There are many IT companies in Pakistan that are moving abroad due to high tax they have to pay for their services. It is a great loss for the economy of Pakistan that such talented experts are moving to foreign countries. The government has imposed 81 % of more tax on IT industry which is showing the reason behind all the current circumstances. We must cut taxation rate for a better future for IT industry in Pakistan.

Tax on IT Industry in Pakistan

Tax Burden

Difficulties in Companies Registration in SECP

IT industry is facing another very biggest problem in establishing business in Pakistan. They are facing practical difficulties for registration in SECP(Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan). It is very difficult to work without registration and deliver services. In other words, our ineffective system is not allowing our IT industry to flourish in Pakistan.

Lack of Interest in this Horizon

There are leading domestic industries who are not encouraging right technologies. The government is not supporting IT industry in a way it should focus. These technologies can meet today’s need but industries are ignoring this topic. It is important to regulate poor diffusion system to improve IT industry in Pakistan. It is important to build effective and efficient system to change our economy to technology-based economy. The impact of technology can make a great success for economy in Pakistan. Technological competencies increment is possible with a collaborative approach both by private and public sector.

Technology can make great contribution in economy of Pakistan. There is a need of efficiency of resources for protection and regulation of IT Industry. There is an immediate demand of improvement in technological to enhance human capital. It will also help to increase knowledge for productivity and absorption of information. There is a need to research the causes of slow growth of IT industry in Pakistan.

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