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Dream, Dare, Inspire, Grow and Connect: WoWoman

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Dream, Dare, Inspire, Grow and Connect: WoWoman

WoWoman is a network of like minded women and men working for women empowerment. The initiative was first taken practically in Azerbaijan in 2014 by Zara Apetrei Huseynova and soon it spread across Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, and Belarus with 50 + volunteers.  The network has organized more than 100 + workshops, training, and other events for women. The small initiative has turned in a big movement as 6500 women have benefited from the programs of WoWoman.

With the motto of the dream, dare, inspire, grow and connect, the network of WoWoman Lahore officially launched in Pakistan on in November, 2016 and organized its first event on Blogging on 11 March 2017.  Olea Cegorean, the Founding Director of WoWoman in Lahore has brought out the idea of establishing WoWoman in Pakistan with its main center in Lahore city. Olea has a diverse experience of working in various fields, she is working as Global Expansion and Community Director. She has also served as a Consultancy & Prevention Team Leader for AIESEC International.

“I do this for the people, no matter where I am. For me humanity has no religion, color or nationality. I choose to do good just because I see you exactly like me. Not better, not worse”

The words of Olea describe the future of many girls who will know their worth and step forward to fulfill their dreams.

The desire of women empowerment in a unique way has brought Olea to a point where she and her WoWoman team are working voluntarily to inspire and strengthen women in Pakistan.

WoWoman Lahore:

The dedicated team of WoWoman Lahore invited woman from different sectors on      “She Blogs” event to share their motivation of self-expression through blogging. A number of famous business professional, photographer, writer, housewife, and fashion blogger inspired the audience with their interesting stories where they established their identity in patriarchal society.

The second event “Be your own hero” also has invited a motivational speaker Wasma Imran to bring the motivation that women lack in their lives. The session focused on a wonderful exploration of sorrow and finding the power within oneself rather than relying on others for survival.

The third event “Breaking Barriers” is also highlighting the importance of supporting women in sports. The speakers Komal Feroze, Hadeel Niazi, Shayyan Nida Haque, and Waseem Tai will motivate girls who want to pursue sports as their career.

WoWoman is creating space with means for women so they can achieve the dreams by striving day and night. A wide range of events including seminars and training are organized for enhancing both personal and professional development of women. The space of connecting and growing does not end with the session. The online platform provides the opportunity for participants to connect and grow in their journey. A wide range of stories and experiences are available online on their website and Facebook page. Other than the session, WoWoman also organizes projects on entrepreneurship and IT skills for leading women in the professional sector.


The network has plans of connecting with more women for empowering them and making their dreams true. WoWoman invites all the women to take part in workshops and seminars. All the information about the events is available online on WoWoman social media website: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and website

In order to become a part of the “Breaking Barriers” event, you have to fill in the form.

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