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What is the Difference between Learning and Memorization

Learning and Memorization


What is the Difference between Learning and Memorization

The learning method in education varies according to the subject and content. The foundations of the philosophy of education introduce us with various philosophies which help us in recognizing the difference between learning and memorization. It is important to know that both of the methods are necessary for a specific subject and we cannot rely on one subject for teaching and learning. However, there is a huge difference between both of these terms.

A student is one who learns the subject for using its practical life. How can we assure that the content of the book is giving the chance to the student to learn what is written in it? Are we aware of which subject includes both learning and memorization as important components? Is reading the content and memorizing it word to word important to grab the concept? No, it is not as the purpose of education is not only to see your memorization skills. It is to see how you be a student who critically thinks, reflect and solve problems that exist in the social and economic sector.

Difference between Learning and Memorization

Learning and memorization are two different concepts. Rote memorization is easy as it only involves the learner. It does not give you the opportunity to use your deep cognitive skills for the development of learning and doing. However, learning is a difficult task which involves the school management team, teacher, and students. The management team who chooses the relevant curriculum or content that match with the current needs plays an important role.

Qualities of a Good Teacher

Teacher role in Learning and Memorization

A teacher is an important person who uses innovative teaching practices with a constructive approach for teaching and learning process. She/he puts life in dull content by using effective communication, technology, and other resources that are suitable for the learning process of students. It means that on one side where memorization limits the purpose of education and fails to fulfill it, learning gives the opportunity to explore and create. The difference between learning and memorization also shows that learning is based on a collaborative approach with are not being used in less developed and developing countries to a large extent.

What Does Memorization Mean?

  • Memorization is describing the ideas word to word to the other person or examiner. It seems difficult in an interpretation of a text in literature studies and education based on critical thinking.
  •  The learners become unable to see how the ideas could be applied to real life situations where he can become an active participant.
  •  Students are not used to finding out the relevance of ideas outside the classroom.
  •  Memorization gives one answer to the problem which shows that they lack creativity.
  •  Students do not see the differences and similarities of ideas which further limit implication of the ideas.
  •  Pupil or Students memorizing content only interpret ideas literally as face hurdle in interpretation.
  •  Students tend to strive to learn the content with rote learning method and cannot solve problems if the numbers change.
  •  Students cannot see beyond the concept and or ideas.
  •  Memorization is passive learning which produces passive learners.

What does Understanding a Concept Mean?

Understanding the concept means that the teacher has put efforts in making the students understand the concept beyond own knowledge.

  •    Understanding gives your opportunity to interpret the ideas and convert in your own words which show that the student has a deeper understanding of the topic.
  •    The students become able to apply the ideas in their own lives or case studies.
  •     knowledge or Understanding the concept is based on the idea of John Dewy who suggested that the students should passively learn in the classroom. They rather should reflect and related the topic outside of their classroom.
  •    The learners seek connections between what he/she learned in the classroom and what exist outside of the classroom.
  •    The learner strives for understanding whatever relevant content has come out of the mouth of the class teacher.
  •    The learner can solve problems when the numbers are changed.
  •    The student understands that there may be more than one answer to the opinion based or circumstances based questions in teaching and learning environment.
  •    Understanding the concept involves practice and group work which enables students to learn from each other.
  •    The learner can easily find out the causes, effects, result and further steps for problem-solving projects.

The difference between learning and memorization is easy because it learning helps the students to grow while memorization keeps the student in a stagnant position. Memorization is static such as the information is present on the internet but it has no life. Learning is active and involves activity and thoughts. It is a thought provoking process which can only be initiated with the right the right teacher. Teachers must remember to be the facilitators and helpers for introducing active learning in teaching and learning process. He/she can change the fate of a child, community, society and the nation.

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