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16 December A black day in the history of Pakistan



16 December A black day in the history of Pakistan

December 16 brings many sad memories connected with the history of Pakistan. There are two major incidents that took place on same date but different years.

Peshawar School Massacre

December 16, 2014 Peshawar school massacre is a sad day for the entire nation. Terrorist entered Army Public School and brutally killed students.  Innocent children lost their lives and left a message to give safety to students in Pakistan.
132 students including school administration and teachers became the victim of the terrorism. The attack which was a step of revenge from the state  by the terrorist attacked the school. They attacked a school which is lamp of light for ignorant.

December 16 Peshawar School Massacre (Pakistan)

December 16 Peshawar School Massacre

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The attack on APS martyrs is still in the memory of everyone in Pakistan. The incident brought tears in the eyes of everyone in the world that support peace. Digital media and social media highlighted the tragedy. The government  ensured to provide safety to students in Pakistan. However, lightening the minds of 28 million children is still a question. The nation is determined to not repeat such incidents that would bring darkness everywhere.

Bangladesh as a New Nation

December 16, 1971 is the day when Pakistan divided into two parts, Bangladesh became a new nation. 1971 Indo Pak war brought pain to the residents of Pakistan. The Indian invasion supported East Pakistan and a huge number of troops from Pak army surrendered to Indian army.

1970 Elections

The dream of Quaid-e-Azam passed through a process of division. The political parties which failed to govern the state of Pakistan after 1947 caused a stop to political procedure. This political procedure was mainly stopped by the imposition of martial law. A new ideology came and divided with a new identity with separation. The sense of withdrawal continuously grew in East Pakistan. The elections of 1970 presented the result of Pakistan unbridgeable communication between two ideas.

December 16 Peshawar (Pakistan) School Massacre

December 16 A black day

Surprisingly both of the nations share one religion but there is a greater number of Hindus living in Bangladesh. However, there are cultural and racial differences in both of the regions. It is a sad incident because it not only reminds us about the war but also about the Bengalis families who lost their members in it.

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