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Most Exciting Christmas Shopping places in Western World



Most Exciting Christmas Shopping places in Western World

Following are the most promising countries that are the best places for
Christmas shopping:

  • Anchorage Country is a city in Alaska which is famous for its events and shopping openings. Total 5 different shopping outlets with 8, 500 retailers in Christmas Arts and Crafts Emporium and The Nutcracker. There are other events but these two are famous for its shopping facility. There is 0% sales tax on items for people to stay comfortable and get things in discount.
Christmas Anchorage


  • New Hampshire also offers tax-free in nine shopping malls and six outlet centers. 1,788 local retailers present amazing discounts for an amazing experience of shopping.


In Europe

  • Munich presents the best of Christmas markets in the world. The glowing market stalls and snow-topped lodges are the center of everyone’s attention that even comes to visit the market for fun. The food available in the market include German sausages and roasted dry fruits which is a best treat for all who come for shopping.

Munich market 2016

  • We also can see most Christmas happening in Barcelona which is Catalan capital. The city portrays the beautiful image of lively Christmas season. There is one Santa Lucia market that entertains the visitors with delicious cheese and honey-soaked cakes.
christmas market

Barcelona market 2016

  • Cheyenne, Wyoming boasts unique and exciting indoor and outdoor shopping areas where you can enjoy with eclectic understanding of celebration. There are 3 big shopping centers with 2,780 retail location for people.

Cheyenne market 2015

  • Pennington County organize Christmas village filled with charming and wondrous Christmas decoration. The place is also famous for holiday season. There are 3, 5777 retail locations with 3 shopping malls that gives exciting services to the customers.
  • Dusseldrof is also famous as financial powerhouse as six big Christmas markets offer sparkling Christmas trees and other stuff for people to buy. The markets give you a classic experience of the festival to keep you attaches with the roots of traditional celebration.
dusseldorf market

dusseldorf christmas market

  • West Yellowstone is impressive place that is overflowing with natural beauty and top-notch shopping. People experience a relaxing environment with stores and special shops.  There is 0 % tax in every shop in 5 shopping centers with 2 shopping outlets
  • Vienna, the capital city of Austria is also impressive place which is famous for the sparkling markets of Christmas season. The companies arrange stalls in the gardens of Schonbrunn where you can buy best of clothing stuff at good price.


  • There are many other places in Europe and America that offer clothing and necessary item in cheap rates so everyone can enjoy the festival without any hurdle.

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