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China Pakistan Economic Corridor Impact



China Pakistan Economic Corridor Impact

China Pakistan Economic Corridor Impact on Education in Pakistan

The bilateral relationship between China and Pakistan has positively affected the people of both the nation on a large-scale. China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Pilot Project is the true example of fruitful cooperation between these two countries. China Pakistan Economic Corridor Impact on education in Pakistan is measured by the success of the region.

CPEC has provided new horizons of development and advancement in a Balochistan. It is the largest economically neglected province of Pakistan. The least developed southwestern region of Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan. It includes a range of inhabitants from diverse cultural backgrounds.
The dilemma of education in Pakistan is hindering the progress of overall country. The provincial literacy rate of Balochistan is only 44 % of total population. 61 % men and 25 % are women have no right to education. The alarming situation has result high rate of unemployment and less urbanization for global market.
The widespread network of roads and economical zones will promote optical fiber cable and infrastructure development. CPEC will not only increase the opportunities for economic development. It will also enhance the capabilities of inhabitants by providing a pathway towards socio-economic development.

A New Way towards Socio-Economic Development

The project will stabilize the flimsy growth of the region enabling it to connect with other countries through trade. It would also open doors for improving education in Pakistan. The co-organized project is pioneer which will enable trade through.

The initiative has determined the successful connection of local roads and highways. The goal is about using one corridor for connectivity with a number of passages. The project ensured maintenance of road as Balochistan has suffered with lack of infrastructure for a long period. It is the first opportunity of utilizing Gwadar Port for business which demonstrates well designed and well structured management capability of this port.
The under constructed corridor will significantly promote trade in entire region. It will export oil to China with shortest route to China from Central Asia. New avenues for the people of Balochistan will originate. It will result reduction of poverty and unemployment and support China Pakistan Economic Corridor impact on education in Pakistan.
In a way, it is not only providing economical advantages by promoting medium and small industries on a local level and changing Pakistan in a transit hub, but it is also solving social problem of education in Pakistan.

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