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Black Friday

What is black Friday?

Black Friday is very famous shopping festival all over the world. It is the day after Thanks giving day which is a National day celebrated in United States and Canada. It symbolizes the beginning of shopping season. Black Friday started from United States but soon spread all developed countries. It is very attractive season for consumers because they get good stuff at affordable price. All the stores of companies offering consumer products appear with Door buster Sales with discounts to generate revenue. Bargain hunters wait outside the shops even they are not open. They do so to grab the things at first.



It is the biggest shopping festival of the year as all the companies and local stores display sales. It is beneficial because consumer get the opportunity to buy important goods and services with a good discounted price. This year it is Black Friday will be on 25 Nov, 2016 for people to enjoy the most wonderful shopping season. The trends of Black Friday are expected to reach to a higher level than the last year for e-commerce. There is a shift of 20 % increase in offline to online shopping options. Most of the people who avoid getting into rushy areas choose online shopping more suitable. The online shopping trend pushed sellers to decrease rates for street sales. The global evolution has made a record of 1.1 billion in UK.

Black Friday shopping in Pakistan

Black Friday shopping in Pakistan has also become one of the biggest sales of the year. The large industrial industry of Pakistan is sponsoring the event for a huge success. Companies have offered unbeatable prices on products. They have opened both online and offline shopping options on,,,,,,,  Sheops, etc.


Credit: Tech List

A guarantee of fastest delivery is also offered to consumers buying products. There is a huge range of products offered covering fashion and electronics industry. Extra discount on products is available that is availed through debit cards. Exclusive app per sales is also presented for sale. Anyone can get best deal just by shopping through the app of companies.

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